Things To Be Ensured While Building An Individual House In Bangalore

1) Government norms, rules and regulations

     Permissions required: Before getting your house constructed in a city, there are certain rules and permission to seek from various departments such as BBMP, Bescom and BWSSB of the city and state authorities in which your plot falls under. Since Bangalore has red soil in most of its places, it is also highly recommended to take soil test before starting construction. Besides, a clearance certificate from the development authority is also essential. Once the authority approves the building plan permission and soil test result, you are ready to build the property.

2) Availability of utilities (water, electric connection, parking)

    Utilities are infrastructure services provided to the property. They are vital elements, not just for the completed developments, but also for the construction purpose. Utilities generally include electricity, parking, water and sewage.

Water and sewage: To apply for new water and sewage connection, the applicant shall apply with their respective Municipal Corporation (Administrative authority) unless there is a separate agency to approach for. Complete the application form and attach the entire required document and submit it to the receiving authority for granted permission.

Electricity connection: Apply for your service connection by getting the free prescribed form from your nearby Bescom office. Fill in all the particulars required in the application form. Produce proper documents/records to prove the legal ownership of the premises for which the electricity supply is required.

Parking space: A perfect layout has to be considered by the builder to allocate space for the owner’s vehicle. The building plan should have available space without compromising the design and space provided for the house.

3) Proper planning of available space (Using the most out of the available)

      A layout for interior spacing and function is an important factor to be considered when building a house. The housing plan should consist of an efficient area with the given total area of the house. Proper planning of available space for utilities, passways, roof and other storages has to be well planned and included in the house plan by the builder before starting the construction.

4) Lighting and ventilation

    A good house plan always consists of an amount of consideration as well as features to attain proper lighting and ventilation inside a house. Urban areas like Bangalore consists of closely packed buildings making it difficult for lighting and ventilation. Hence, it is essential to come up with an initiative for more lighting and ventilation that can help in getting a natural source of light and save unnecessary usage of electricity.

5) Rainwater harvesting and sanitized sewage lines

     With the growing population and residential buildings in Bangalore, there can be a high possibility of water scarcity. Hence setting up rainwater harvesting can help in reducing the problem of water scarcity. Rainwater harvesting can also be useful in peak demands during summer months for more important and appropriate water uses. Even though it is a perfect primary water source for many uses and situations, it is also a great backup water supply for emergency situations. Rainwater harvesting can also help the owner in easy maintenance, reduced water bills and demand for groundwater scale.

With the top mentioned things to be ensured, it becomes difficult to maintain all the information by a single person. Hence, Creative stairs can help in the right path by providing the right guidance while you sit back relaxed and watch us build for you